Principles of good customer service

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The aim of customer service is creating good and lasting relationships with customers. Creating a friendly environment for the customer and thanking them for their visit is essential. Creating a good impression will make the customer come back another time. The first principle of good customer service is interacting with your customers. Make sure you greet your customers in a polite and welcoming manner. As you interact with the customer, make sure that they understand that you know what they need. Make the customer understand what they gain by doing business with you. Not all customers will purchase, but this does not mean you should not encourage them to make purchases.

Another principle of good customer service is your staff. As a business owner you might be very good at customer service. However, you cannot be available all the time. You need to make sure your staff is good at communicating with customers. Apart from communication, your staff needs to be patient with customers and attentive to customers. Customers need to be listened to. Their feedback is what you use to improve your services.Customer-service-woman-on-headset-gives-OK-1024x770

It is also very important to know your products. It is important to know which brands you are selling and know where everything is located. When a customer realizes that you know a lot about your products their confidence in you is boosted. Know the features of all products. Make sure all your employees can explain the benefits and features of all products to the customers. Once you have put all these guiding principles in to consideration, your customer service will improve. Consequently sales will improve. BRW – Brett whitford on Vocations



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